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  • cama-zotz:

    is there anything more fragile than a male ego: no

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  • badillacbabe:

    oh u love women?? do u love trans women?? women of color? fat women? intersex women?? do u love the women who tell u youre a misogynistic piece of shit? do u love them too??? do u really love all women? don’t talk to me

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  • zedrin-maybe:


    I almost spit grape juice!

    I have saved this gif in my folder as ‘weight for it’

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  • sofapizza:


    "Wait till they get a load of us!"

    the ritual is complete.

  • archewill:

    i just laughed at this

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  • jackanthonyfernandez:




    sometimes she’s Kim K sometimes she’s Beyonce…

    and sometimes she’s britney

    and sometimes she’s lindsay


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  • carminagf:

    Light of the Harem. c1880. Lord Frederic Leighton 

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  • only a borgia, it seems, can truly love a borgia.

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  • clarknokent:


    little jaden looks so pleased with himself

    The joke was hilarious and at the same time profound

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  • annanicolesmithvevo:

    steal her style: god warrior

    chanel cerf tote bag black with silvertone hardware ($2,300)

    rick owens maxi jersey dress ($1,180)

    lkuria grey pearl drop earrings ($3,545)

    elizabeth & james’ gaby shirt ($105)

    tom ford red pate de verre cross necklace ($2,959)

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  • ultralorde:

    are you coming back to bed babe

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  • turtletotem:

    I have long said that in order for any comedy to truly succeed as a story, there has to be meat beneath the jokes. There has to be that moment when it is not funny any more.

    This. This is that moment.

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